Prayer Events

Click on the links below to learn how you can be a part of praying for Clark County:

Click HERE for Upcoming Prayer Events

1 HOUR: Will you invest 1 HOUR in prayer for every Middle & High School in Clark County?

Clark County Prays: Can your congregation or ministry commit to one day each month to cover the entire 24 hours in prayer?  Once we have 35 congregations/ministries, we can cover every day of the month!

National Day of Prayer Breakfast: Join us on the National Day of Prayer, as we gather together to pray for one another, and for God’s work in Clark County and our nation.

Pastors’ Roundtables: Every 2-3 months pastors gather together to encourage and learn from one other.  There is no charge and lunch is included.

Vertical Align: 26 hours of continuous worship and prayer with different worship leaders, and various prayer leaders and styles.