“Encouraging more, better, united, strategic prayer by and for the people of Clark County for the exaltation of Jesus Christ.”

Encouraging = we joyfully recognize that God has placed it on many people’s hearts to pray for our area.  We want to simply encourage more of it!  When we know about some aspect of prayer taking place, we will seek to “fan” it.  When we see a need and possible solution, we will initiate it.  When we see God answer, we will rejoice over it!

More = We want to see more people praying and we want to see people praying more.

Better = All prayers are not of equal value.  “Sincerity” is not the primary requirement of prayer.  We want to encourage people by our words and our actions to pray the best possible prayer in any situation.

United = There is special value in people praying together, in the same place.  And there is special value in people praying together for the same thing.  We want to see every congregation united in prayer and all the congregations united in prayer.

Strategic = We cannot pray about everything all the time.  There are times when some topics and prayers are more strategic than others.

Prayer = We are convinced that God’s dreams for our county will not happen without a strong movement of prayer.  We must do more than pray.  But we cannot do “more than pray” until we have prayed.

By and for the people of Clark County = We cannot expect people who live outside Clark County to have God’s burden for Clark County.  That is our assignment.  Our vision is to see the people of Clark County pray for God’s work to be expanded here in Clark County.

For the exaltation of Jesus Christ = Jesus deserves the worship of every person in Clark County and Jesus desires to bless every person in Clark County.  It is our deepest desire that He is exalted in everything we do.


The reason why we seek to accomplish the mission is because…
Jesus deserves to be worshiped by every person in Clark County, and He desires that Clark County be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. See Habakkuk 2:14

Jesus wants to bless every person in Clark County.  Our prayer is that every family in Clark County be blessed through the people of God. See Genesis 12:3b


Our mission will be accomplished through…

  1. Raising up, equipping and encouraging Congregational and Ministry Prayer Coordinators– A key contact person in as many congregations and ministries as possible that
    • we can support to help that congregation or ministry become “devoted to prayer”
    • will be a liaison between their congregation or ministry and county-wide prayer opportunities
    • will consider having their congregation or ministry move toward one day per month of continuous prayer.
  2. Discovering and encouraging Affinity Prayer Groups– encouraging prayer in and for various areas of common interest, including…
    • Seven Cities – (geographic areas) Battle Ground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Washougal, Yacolt
    • Seven Mountains – (areas of cultural influence) Arts/Entertainment, Business, Education, Faith, Family, Government, Medical
    • Seven Valleys –(areas of cultural need) Unborn, orphans/widows, un/under-employed, addicted, abused/disabled, elderly, foreigners
  3. Providing prayer support for multi–congregational events in Clark County
  4. Encouraging and Coordinating Prayer Walking throughout the county
  5. Encouraging and developing Prayer Centers where continuous prayer and worship takes place.
  6. Using Social Media to provide a mechanism for prayer requests to be prayed for by many people throughout the county very quickly

The two focuses throughout all our activities will be the exaltation of Jesus Christ and being a channel of God’s blessing to every person in Clark County.