Vertical Align 2021 Report

The “Weekend of Reflection and Prayer for the County,” Clark County Prayer Connect was a blessed time of 26-hours of continuous worship and prayer for our county and the Pacific Northwest region.

River Church Worship, Vertical Align 2021, Vancouver, WA

During these hours we had several prayer and worship teams and many came and participated throughout the weekend. We worshiped in various styles, and God’s presence was very real. We prayed together as a large group, in small groups, and individually for some specific requests from the county. We prayed for God’s forgiveness of our sins as a state and county, healing, health and provision for the future of families, friends, and communities, and for the restoration of businesses, and for everyone being affected by this past year’s pandemic. An incredible time of intercession and worship was poured out. We also had specific prayer tables that focused on the County Councilors and Mayor’s Office, Our Lord’s Prayer, and the healing of our land, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. We prayed for the Church of Clark County and all it’s congregations. We read the official proclamation from the County Councilors, we prayed, we worshiped, and we made great connections in the process.

We moved through the 26 hours with only a few spots needing filled and Father God was faithful to send people to fill those gaps. We had young adults fill the night watch and worshiped from 11pm-5am (6 hours) that was a true sacrifice. One of our State Legislators; Vicki Kraft, joined us for the early morning prayer set. We were honored to engage father God and his heart. We believe the answers to the prayers we prayed will show up in our county. New relationships were established and some old relationships were reunited. We are grateful to the County Councilors for asking us to pray and grateful for all those who came to worship and pray. We are also grateful to Faith Center for the use of the Matson building.