Summer 2012 Prayer Opportunities

The Lord has provided some very strategic prayer opportunities for us during the Summer of 2012.  Here are some of them.

June 21&28 and June 29-30 – Clark County’s contribution to “The Burn.”  This state-wide effort is providing a covering of worship and prayer over our area.

  • Details are as follows:
  • June 21 & 28, at the Vancouver House of Prayer (at the Xchange – 78th and Hi Way 99) from 6pm to midnight (or perhaps beyond).  Come as you like ready to enter into worship and prayer.
  • June 29-30, at the River (6503 A East Mill Plain Blvd. Vancouver) from 6pm Friday (June 29) through 7pm Saturday (June 30).  Come as you like ready to enter into worship and prayer.

July 21 and September 22 – Prayer Support for two Compassion Clinics in Vancouver.  We will be praying on site with the participants of these two clinics in two-hour shifts, from 9am to 1pm.  We want to see at least 20 and 25 pray-ers during each of these days.  This is a great opportunity for effective ministry through prayer.  We encourage you to come with some of your best pray-ers!  Steve Zimmerman is coordinating this.  Contact Steve letting him know your interests or if you have questions.

July 29 – Prayer ministry at the All County Church Picnic.  During the picnic (from 1pm to 6pm) one means of covering this event in prayer will be to have teams of pray-ers approaching attendees at the picnic providing prayer opportunities for them.  We want to see at least 30 pray-ers during the picnic, in one to two hour shifts.  Bring your pray-ers to the picnic to give them a great prayer ministry opportunity.  Contact Dennis Fuqua letting him know your interest or if you have questions.

August 3-12 – Prayer at the Fair.  This is still taking shape.  There will be two side-by-side booths at the fair featuring ministries of the US Digital Outreach Center.  As part of this we will have opportunities for ministry-related prayer.

September 9-16 – A week of Prayer Walking in Clark County.  We will be encouraging prayer walking in two forms during this week.  1) A special emphasis along the Fourth Plain corridor.  2) Prayer walkers gathering in their own neighborhood (such as a park or a public meeting) and dispersing from there to prayer walk their neighborhood.

September 30-October 6 – Participation in “7” – We anticipate “mirroring” what God has raised up on Portland during those same days.  We are looking for 5 congregations from various parts of the county to host one night of coordinated prayer Monday through Friday evening, October 1-5.  Sunday (September 30) we encourage special prayer in congregations and Saturday (Oct 6) we anticipate a prayer walking experience.