SEVEN in Clark County

SEVEN – Seven days of fasting and prayer for Clark County will take place from Sunday, September 29 through Saturday, October 5th.  We are hoping you and your congregation will be all in!

An invitation is extended to all believers to gather each evening (7:00pm) at Crossroads (Sunday), LIfePoint (Monday), Summitview (Tuesday), Living Hope (Wednesday), New Heights (Thursday), and City Harvest (Friday).  Worship teams and pastors from these and other congregations will be leading us.  The Saturday morning gathering will be at Waterfront Park in Portland at 10am.  This is a movement that has been growing in Portland and this year Clark County get’s to “play.”

You can watch a Clark County promotional video here.

For those of you considering fasting – you may participate however you sense the Lord is directing you.  It could be for just one meal, or one meal per day, or the entire seven days.  Or perhaps it can be a partial fast, or from some activity such as technology or TV or news.  Whatever you choose, the point is to allow the Lord to increase your hunger for Him by tasting more of Him and less of other things.

Please spread the word and plan on joining us in this time of fasting and prayer.