Praying… for Clark County

In 2013 thousands of people across Clark County prayed from a prayer guide around the prayers of Paul.

In 2014 the prayer guide was based upon the Psalms.

In 2015 we will pray from 40 key verses from the book of Acts.  Ten pastor/authors have each written 4 prayers from 4 different passages to make up the prayer guide called, Praying from Acts… for Clark County.  

About 3300 copies of this prayer guide were distributed.

Here are some key features of the 2015 booklet…

  • Expandable – designed for a person to spend as little as five minutes or as much as a couple hours in prayer each day. Even though it is dated, it can be used far beyond the 40 days.
  • Biblical – prayers based upon key passages from the book of Acts.
  • Hopeful – prayers that focus on the “better future” God has for people here in our area.
  • Intercessory – these prayers are not so much about our devotion to Christ as they are about seeing more of His purposes fulfilled in Clark County.
  • Instructional – designed to help people learn to pray more and better prayers for Clark County..
  • Specific – helping us to pray for specific places and people in Clark County.
  • Cooperative – written by local pastors and others who carry a heart for our county.
  • Informational – as people use this prayer guide they will know and love the people of our county more.
  • Uniting – thousands of believers throughout Clark County will be using this prayer guide each day.
  • Convenient – it’s handy size (56 pages – 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″) allows you to keep it with your Bible or in a purse.
  • Affordable – quantity discounts allow us to keep the cost of this booklet very reasonable – just $1.50 per copy!.