Prayer Walking Report

A little over 100 believers spent time prayer walking in Clark County this past week.  You can read about what the Oregonian and the Columbian wrote it you’d like.

What I want to do here is share a couple stories that illustrate the value of praying at specific locations, or as Steve Hawthorne has said, “Praying onsite with insight.”

On Thursday evening a brother and I were prayer walking near an elementary school.  A young girl about 8 years old was in a lawn chair near the sidewalk.  As we walked by, I noticed her snuggling a little doll.  She was looking lovingly at it, had wrapped her coat around it, and was stroking its head with her hand.   I became aware that I was watching her dream about being a good mommy.  So, after we passed, we prayed that God would fulfill this little girl’s dreams!  God gave us specific ways to pray for this little girl.  I would have never prayed those prayers without seeing her.  I believe God will answer those prayers in about 15 years.

Tuesday evening (September 11th, the day our Libyan Ambassador was killed) I was praying with my wife, a young pastor, and his 6 year old daughter.  Soon into our walk, we came to a Post Office with the flag at half mast.  Standing there for our military, for the families of those who had been killed, for our servicemen, etc. These prayers were better and deeper because of where we were praying.

On Friday evening, just before we began walking in downtown Vancouver, a man said, “I prayer-walk all the time.  When I go to the store, I pray for the others in the store.  Where ever I go, I am trying to pray for the people I see.”

I said, “You have uncovered our scheme!”  Our real desire is not only that people would join with others and pray in specific areas of our county, but that more and more believers – why not thousands in Clark County? – would develop the regular practice of praying for those they see around them.

Thanks to Crossroads, Bethel, Cascades Pres, City Harvest, First Christian, The River, Living Purpose, and Living Hope for hosting these times.