Prayer to Cover Clark County

            Followers of Christ throughout Clark County will engage in prayer-walking the week of September 10 through 16.  They will be praying through neighborhoods and at key locations with a desire to bring more of the presence of Christ and His blessing to the area.  Each day of the week people will be gathering at various congregations, then spreading out to cover key locations.  The starting points include (but are not limited to) the following;

  • Monday, (September 10) 7:00pm – Crossroads Community Church  (7708 NE 78th St, Vancouver WA. 98662)
  • Tuesday, (September 11) 7:00pm – Bethel Community Church (1438 B St. Washougal, WA. 98671)
  • Wednesday – (September 12) 6:30pm — Cascades Presbyterian Church (9503 NE 86th St. Vancouver, WA 98662)
  • Thursday, (September 13) 7:00pm – City Harvest Church (8100 NW 9th Ave Vancouver, WA. 98665)
  • Friday – (September 14) 7:00pm – First Christian Church (111 W. 19th St, Vancouver, WA. 98660)
  • Saturday – (September 15) 10:00am – The River (6503 A East Mill Plain Blvd. Vancouver WA. 98661)
  • Sunday, (September 16) 4:00pm – Living Hope Church (2711 NE Andresen Road, Vancouver, WA, 98661)
  • Sunday, (September 16) 1:00pm  – Living Purpose Church will begin at the Washougal High School (1201 39th Street, Washougal, WA 98671).

Check back at this site for updated information.

Prayer-walking can be traced in Scripture as far back as Abraham in the Old Testament.  God told Abraham to “walk about the land….for I will give it to you.” As Abraham walked and physically saw the land—he was spiritually able to see the fulfilled promise of God with that same land completely filled with his children, his descendents.

One phrase that defines prayer-walking: Praying onsite with insight.  It is praying at a scene, without making one.

This definition is seen through several events in Jesus’ life.

When He wept over Jerusalem, He was on the Mount of Olives looking at the city. (Luke 19:41)

Though He could have spoken from a distance to raise Lazarus from the dead—instead He came to the very location of the grave, felt the grief of those close to Lazarus, walked to the gravesite and commanded Lazarus to come out!

Prayer-walking is one way Christians are demonstrating they desire God’s best for all the citizens of Clark County.

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