Prayer at All Church Picnic – 2013

The All County Church Picnic is August 4th at Esther Short Park – noon to 6pm.  Please check out the information at the website.  We want this event covered well in prayer.  Here are four ways we will do this.

1)  A prayer rally Saturday evening, August 3rd – 7:00pm at the Gazebo in the SW corner of Esther Short Park.

2) Prayer walking from noon (or before!) to 6pm on August 4th.  We want to have continual prayer around and throughout the event.

3) There will be a prayer wall to the East of the main stage.  This is a place where personal prayer and/or prayer ministry can take place.

4) This year there will be a powerful gospel presentation made from the main stage.  We need prayer counselors to minister during this time. We need mature believers to help here.  Please register now at  (Cursor over All Church Picnic Click on Volunteer, Click on Register Now, Click on Altar Call Volunteer.)  Mandatory training/coordination will take place at 1:00 on Sunday at the Prayer Wall in the park.