Pastors’ Roundtables

Every 2-3 months we gather together to encourage and learn from one other.   Come ready to receive fresh insights and ideas, and also ready to share with others your thoughts regarding the topic presented.  

We are on the same team and are one another’s best resource. Let’s glean and grow from one another. 

There is no charge and lunch is included.

Upcoming Roundtable:

Wednesday, September 11th from 11:30-1:00
Topic: What might I do differently?  It’s not too late.
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Past Roundtable Topics:

-Lead Pastors/Worship Pastors TOGETHER

-How can we get the most evangelistic benefit out of Easter?

-How can congregations help all generations not only receive effective ministry but also contribute to it?

-How are we ministering to millennials?

-How are we using social media to advance our (His) mission?

-How are we doing at making disciples (more than converts)?

-Assimilating people into the life of our congregation

-How do you prepare to preach?

-How can we (as lead pastors) encourage people to have a high view of Scripture (without becoming legalistic)?

-How to maintain a healthy personal relationship with the Lord in the midst of pressing ministry.