“Clark County Prays” Report

For the 3rd consecutive year, CCPC has encouraged people to pray at, for, and even in (when permitted) all the high schools in Clark County.  Here is a report of some of what took place between August 20 and August 23rd.

Thanks to everyone who came to pray, who helped get the word out, and who helped coordinate things.  I know good prayers were offered and Jesus was glorified.

 We don’t know the exact number, but over 250 people participated in these 4 evenings of prayer.

 Here is just one story.  My prayer partner and I saw a couple young girls sitting nearby where we were praying.  I was prompted to go and ask them how they thought we should pray for high school students.  After a couple preliminary questions, I asked how we could pray for the students there.  After a couple sentences, one mentioned that she was sometimes afraid that a shooter might come into their school.  “We have heard gun shots right over there!”  Then they mentioned about the student that from there school who committed suicide last year and how traumatic that was.  “Kids are depressed here.  It’s dark.”

 We did not have too much difficulty praying some pretty serious prayers after that 5 minute conversation.

 Those of you who participated….  what you did made a difference.  Every prayer matters!  Thank you.

 Now, we know the job is not done.  There are still more prayers to be prayed.  But this last Sunday through Wednesday, some wonderful steps were taken at these schools!  (Pun intended.)