“Initial Steps” of Prayer Walking

Thoughts about the Biblical basis  of prayer walking –

Jesus – John 11:34-38 Jesus and Lazarus

Jesus – Luke 19:41 Jesus and the city

In these two occasions (the only two times it is recorded that Jesus wept) He seemed to be intentional about being at these locations when He prayed.

Abraham, Joshua and the 12 spies walked the promised land before the received it.

Note also Ephesians 2:10 – Jesus goes before us, we want to walk in His steps.

General steps
Remember the Seek God for the City prayer walking suggestions.

Two key words  – Worship and Welcome.

  • Jesus deserves to be worshipped from every location in this county.
  • Jesus should be welcomed to bless people in every part of the county.

God seems to be able to help us pray more effectively at times when we pray “on site.”

  • Key thing is to be open to how the Holy Spirit may want you to pray.
  • Being at a specific location can help us be more sensitive to His direction.
    Hints may come as we see or hear something.
  • Be aware of God’s purposes for that place.
  • Be aware of what should or has happened there.
  • Let Scriptural truth mingle with what you are sensing.
  • Let Scripture frame your prayers.
  • Our goal is not to cause a scene, but to call upon God.  We don’t want to be stealth, but we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves.

Specific steps for September 10-16, 2012

Each evening can and should look different.  But here are some suggestions

  • Gather together for a brief time perhaps with a song or two to turn our hearts toward Jesus.
  • The leader for that evening will give some brief comments and instructions.
  • Gather in groups of 2-6 or so.
  • Depart (in cars or on foot) to some (predetermined) locations such as specific neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, businesses, government offices, etc.
  • Perhaps return and report how God directed your prayers.
  • We would love it if the leaders got the following information back to us.  1) About how many people were present, 2) The general locations where prayer took place (ie “Mill Plain Elementary, Fisher’s Landing area”) 3) any specific ways the Lord led people to pray, and 4) and encouraging stories from the time.