February 22nd Evening of Prayer

In response to the County Commissioners’ proclamation, there will be an evening of prayer at the Water Resource Center  (4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA) from 7-9 pm on February 22nd (the first day of “Seek God for the City”).

What would it be like if follows of Christ from many spheres of influence in our county spent an evening together in prayer?  We are looking for believers who are informed about or have some influence over areas that affect the lives of Clark County residence.  If we ask Him to bless the people of this county, would He?  If we humble ourselves, will He hear and answer our prayers?  Our county leaders have asked us to pray.  More importantly, our Father has asked us to pray!

Consider the following spheres of cultural influence: business, education, family, government, media, medical, spiritual life, or sports and entertainment.  Or consider those in our community who have no voice such as: the unborn, practical or actual orphans and widows, the un/underemployed, those who are addicted or abused, those who are disabled, or the elderly.

This evening of prayer is sponsored by people who care about our county and believe God will work in answer to our prayers.  It is a great opportunity to see advancement made for Christ and His kingdom.

If you are interested in, have influence in, or information about, one of the areas mentioned above, please join us on February 22nd and also invite others you think should be there.