February 18-19 – Proclamation

For the second consecutive year, the Clark County Commissioners are proclaiming a weekend of Reflection and Prayer.  This year it will take place on February 18-19, 2012.  The actual proclamation is available below in two formats.  A PDF version with the county seal and signatures is available by clicking on the “CC Proclamation” link (below), or see a text version (below the link).

We encourage congregations throughout Clark County to participate in least three specific ways on the week end of February 18-19.

1)      Display the Proclamation to your congregation

2)      Read it during your week end service(s)

3)      Prayer during your service(s) based upon it.

CC Proclamation 2012

~P R O C L A M A T I O N~

 WHEREAS, the harsh economic conditions that we are experiencing have caused   great pain and suffering among our county citizens; and

 WHEREAS, in times like these, it is appropriate that we pause to promote hope, good will, and unity throughout our community; and

 WHEREAS, it is fitting that this Board of Commissioners proclaim a weekend of reflection and prayer throughout Clark County to bolster confident expectations about our future through our combined enterprise and creativity.

 NOW, THEREFORE, we the Clark County Board of Commissioners do hereby proclaim February 18 and 19, 2012 as a weekend of reflection and prayer in Clark County,Washington and encourage citizens to contribute to and engage in actions and deeds that will enhance hope, promote benevolence, demonstrate compassion and hearten unity throughout our community.

Signed this 7st day of February, 2012.



  • Marc Boldt, Chair
  • Steve Stuart, Commissioner
  • Tom Mielke, Commissioner