Awaken the Dawn – Tent America

“Awaken the Dawn – Tent America 2019” – An unceasing 50-hours of day and night worship, prayer, and intercession in all states across the nation. Christ believers and worshipers poured out their love songs to an audience of One, Jesus of the Bible.

In Vancouver, Washington more than twenty worship teams from many denominations participated in the tent and over fifteen intercessors joined in. This took place October 17th – 19th, during the Jewish holiday of The Feast of Tabernacles (October 13th– 20th) done with intentionality. Christyl Beck, Clark County Prayer Connect’s new Administrative Assistant, served as the Vancouver, Washington tent host.

Four hundred nineteen tents across the US were staked on state capitals, college campuses, businesses, parking lots, parks, and buildings. Awaken the Dawn is in its third year of the gospel proclamation to shift our nation to save a generation and give Creator God His full reward out of our lives.

For more information on the history of Awaken the Dawn click here or here.

Across the nation, thousands of people testified of physical and emotional healings and many came into a greater understanding and love relationship with Savior Jesus. Many dedicated and re-dedicated their lives to serving God. Thousands experienced the presence and the overwhelming peace and love of God, others received prayer for miracles, healings, and for family members.

It was a great honor to have received a tent for the event made available by Dara Casey, the National Day of Prayer Coordinator. Including two banners; “King Jesus” and “The Lion of Judah,” both handmade by Dara Casey and whom also provided four additional flags for the tent: The Washington State Flag, The Christian Flag, The American Flag and the An Appeal to Heaven Flag.  It was an amazing set up for the presence of God to come and dwell among us and He did just that and so much more.

All across America, thousands are feeling the effects of this major prayer and worship movement. Now many will go … beyond Awaken the Dawn.  We believe that worship communities and prayer houses will continue to erupt, grow, and thrive and many will come into the places and spaces where true worshipers unite.