ALIGN report

THANKS goes out to the 13 worship leaders/teams and the 200 (plus) people who participated in ALIGProclamation 160218 (2)N – 26 hours of continuous worship and prayer by and for the people of Clark County.

This was all in response to the Board of Clark County Councilors proclaiming Feb 19-21 as the (fifth) annual Weekend of Reflection and Prayer for Clark County.  Friday evening Chairman Marc Boldt read the proclamation and Councilor David Madore shared about how we can pray for our county.  Then, worship and prayer continued right through the night and all day on Saturday till 9:00pm.

Boldt and MadoreWorship and prayer took place in English, in Spanish, as well as in Russian.  Young and old; high school students mixed with grandparents.  Men, women, and children worship and prayed together.  We prayed through specific Scriptures such as 2 Chronicles 7:14, Matthew 9:37-38, 1 Timothy 2:1-3 and Psalm 145.  We had breath, so we praised the Lord.  We prayed as we laughed, wept, stood, kneeled, sat, laid, and walked.  We prayed for specific requests.  We prayed about big things, like more of His presence in our midst: like every person in our county havng an attractive opportunity to see the love of Jesus..  We prayed about about more regular things, like good jobs, good housing, and good relationships.

We were asked to pray, so we did.

We are thankful to Northside Baptist for their “open door” policy, allowing us to use their building.  And we are thankful to the Lord who is worthy of this, and much more, praise, and who will answer our prayers.