24X24 Clark County Prayer

The National Day of Prayer takes place each year on the first Thursday of May.  This year that is May 3rd.  The Global Day of Prayer takes place each year on the Day of Pentecost – which moves from year to year.  in 2012 it is May 27th.  This is also the Sunday prior to Memorial Day.  So, we are not planning any public gathering this year.  But we are encouraging all congregations of Clark County to do two things.

Read/pray through the “Prayer For the World” during your service(s) that weekend.  Download it from this website and consider one of the several ways it could be used.

Pick one day between May 3rd and May 27th and rally people in your congregation to cover that day in prayer for the county.  We anticipate having an on-line calendar at this site soon.  But please consider covering Clark County in Prayer for 24 days!  Take a look at the 24X24 Brochure available at this website and join with other congregations throughout the county.

Jesus is worthy to receive day and night, continuous prayer from our county!  And He longs to bless every family in our county.  Prayer is a way we can accomplish both of these biblical goals at the same time.