1 HOUR 2019 Report

1 HOUR 2019 Report

For the fifth consecutive year, people rallied at schools throughout Clark County to pray for students as they return to their new school year.  This was the first year that Middle Schools as well as High Schools were included.  There are 85 middle and high schools throughout Clark County.  Our records show that during August 18th-21st, there were just over 325 people who prayed at 50 of those schools.  The Point People for the schools were from at least 28 different congregations.  Leadership for 1 HOUR this year was provided by both Clark County Prayer Connect and the National Network of Youth Ministries. 

Parents, students, grandparents and people who simply care about students gathered at flag poles, prayer walked the schools in groups of 2-4, and returned to the flag poles to share how the Lord led them in their prayers.

Here are a couple stories of how two families were impacted by the process..

“A man came with his wife and children to pray with us at a school. After the time of prayer, with tears in his eyes, he said that as a family they rarely prayed together. This was so impacting to them that they will begin this practice together! Yay God! More and better prayer in Clark County!”

“As a mom, I was so blessed to see my daughters engage in corporate prayer more than ever before. My oldest daughter attends the school we prayed at and she was therefore able to pray very specific prayers knowing the struggles and activities that take place in each area of the school. She was eager to pray to seek God for the needs of the students and staff, and it was evident the Holy Spirit was leading our prayers.”

Next year we will expand the days from 4 days to 6 days.  The dates for the 2020 1 HOUR will be Saturday through Friday, August 15th-20th.  Our hope is to include all the Middle Schools and High Schools in Clark County next year.  If you would like to know more or be a Point Person in 2020, please contact us.