1 HOUR Schedule 2020

Thank you for your interest in praying for the students of Clark County!  Teachers, Parents, Students, Administrators, Grandparents, Neighbors, Etc. 

Again this year there will be people praying for the middle school and high school students for “One Hour.”  We encourage you to join them. Check the schedule below, practice appropriate safety measures, and simply show up.  Meet at the flag pole at 7:00pm.  

If the school you are interested in praying for is not on this list, show up anyway!  God hears every prayer.

Our primary prayer point this year is for more prayer on each campus.  Yes, that’s right – pray for prayer.  🙂  We are praying for student-led, weekly prayer to take place on every middle school and high school in Clark County.

School NameDatePoint Person
49th St Academy8/21/2020Phillip Ball
Battle Ground HS8/16/2020Ed Statton
CAM Academy8/21/2020Stewart Rowe
Camas Christian Academy8/18/2020Marylin Fuqua
Camas HS8/18/2020Steve Zimmerman
Cascade MS8/16/2020Luke Jech
Cascadia Tech (Skills Ctr)8/17/2020Phillip Ball
Columbia River HS8/21/2020Brittany Solscheid
Cornerstone Christian Academy8/17/2020Sandra Yager
Covington MS8/14/2020Collette Connor
Evergreen HS8/16/2020Luke Jech
Firm Foundation Christian School8/11/2020Collette Connor
Firm Foundation Christian School8/19/2020Steve Jorgensen
Fort Vancouver HS8/17/2020Daisy Delmore
Hayes Freedom HS8/17/2020Steve Zimmerman
Heritage HS8/19/2020Christyl Beck
Hockinson HS8/19/2020Shaun Hart
Hockinson MS8/18/2020Caleb Miller
Hudson’s Bay HS8/18/2020Steve Crockford
Jason Lee MS8/19/2020Jan Stahl
King’s Way Christian School8/13/2020Debi Miller
La Center HS8/20/2020Dave Bodine
La Center MS8/20/2020Dave Bodine
Legacy HS8/16/2020Luke Jech
Liberty MS8/19/2020Dennis Fuqua
Mountain View HS8/18/2020Randy Dewater
Pacific MS8/19/2020Rebecca Joy Martinez
Prairie HS8/16/2020Dawn Rowe
River Homelink 8/18/2020Margie Miller
Shahala MS8/16/2020Kevin & Melanie Kruse
Skyview HS8/18/2020Jan Stahl
Summit View HS8/16/2020Steve Crockford
Thomas Jefferson MS8/20/2020Steve Crockford
Union HS8/18/2020Rebecca Joy Martinez
Vancouver School of Arts & Academics8/17/2020Jan Stahl
Washington School for the Blind8/19/2020Scott Beglin
Washougal HS (Excelsior Alternative)8/19/2020Nathan Coleston
WyEast MS8/20/2020Joel Chandler
Woodland HS8/20/2020Jeffery Frye