1-Hour Prayer 2020

We are now planning for the 1-Hour of Prayer taking place this August. There will be a few differences between previous years and 2020.  

  1. To make the schedule more flexible, we will expand the days from 4 days to 7 days.  The dates will be Saturday, August 15 to Friday, August 22.  
  2. Last year we prayed at 50 schools.  This year we want to cover all 85! 
  3. Last year there were at least 325 people who prayed.  We’d like to see that number go over 500.  

So, we are asking for your help.  First, will you serve as a “point person” again?  You may pick your school and the day you pray there.  

Second, would you share with others you think may be interested, especially if you are not able to participate or serve as a point person this year.  Let’s spread the word so every school in Clark County is covered. 

In past years we have seen 1-Hour of Prayer as a stand-alone event.  This year we see it as part of a growing movement toward more and deeper prayer for students across the country and around the world. We hope you will also consider partnering with three parallel prayer movements happening in the next few months: 

  • Claim Your Campus 2020 – Prayer rally for students on Saturday, July 4th from 10-11:30am at every Middle and High School campus across the nation
  • Every Student, Every School – Resources and encouragement to cultivate student-led, on-campus prayer groups that meet weekly at every Elementary, Middle and High School across the nation.  
  • See You at the Pole – Student led prayer at the flag pole of every Middle and High School 30 minutes prior to the first bell on Wednesday, September 23rd. 

Thank you. We look forward to 1-Hour 2020 with you.

Please respond to Christyl@Prayersummits.net or Phillip Ball at www.youthworkers.net