1-HOUR 2021 Report

Its not about a moment, it about a Movement!

This year we saw a growing movement toward more and deeper prayer for students across the country and around the world. Especially, right here in Clark County, we had an increase and saw more the 53 of the 85 schools covered in prayer with a point person in place, praying onsite, with insight. Thank you to everyone who participated in 1 Hour 2022.

We loved all the stories especially how one of the teams incorporated live Zoom calls with prayer warriors around the globe, praying with us and for us in Clark County.  Others reported opportunities to cover every student, classroom, and educator. We appreciate everyone’s efforts in 1 HOUR and we do not want it to end. 

So, we are asking for your help.  First, will you serve as a “point person”?  You pick your school and the day you pray there.  Second, would you share with others you think may be interested, especially if you are not able to participate or serve as a point person.  Let’s spread the word so every school in Clark County is covered. 

We look forward to being with you during 1 HOUR 2022 – August 14-21

To sign up as a Point Person, or for more information, please contact Phillip Ball at pball@nnym.org, Dennis Fuqua at dennisfuqua@gmail.com, or Christyl Beck at christyl@prayersummits.net

We hope you will also consider partnering with these parallel prayer movements  (Click on the links below in Red for more information)

  • Claim Your Campus – Prayer rally for students at every Middle and High School campus across the nation
  • Every Student, Every School – Resources and encouragement to cultivate student-led, on-campus prayer groups that meet weekly at every Elementary, Middle and High School across the nation.  
  • See You at the Pole  – Student led prayer at the flag pole of every Middle and High School 30 minutes prior to the first bell on 1st day of school. 
  • Youth-Alive – Youth Alive® assists churches to…mobilize students to reach other students! …empower churches to connect with their local schools! Youth Alive® simply believes that every student and every school matters!
  • campusfootprints – More resources for more prayer for your school campuses.
  • momsinprayer – The power of teachers and mothers praying for our children. Includes a PDF prayer sheet for teachers. TeachersPrayers2021.pdf.

Your prayers matter and we love and appreciate all of you! Thank you,

The 1 HOUR Team