Can the Church of Clark County reflect heaven by covering the county in continuous worship and prayer?

If we coordinate, the answer is YES!  One (1) Day is a way we can coordinate.

Here is a simple plan.

  • Congregations/ministries will commit to One (1) Day each month.  For example the “second Tuesday.”  (Smaller congregation/ministries may team together.  Larger congregations/ministries may do more than one day per month.)
  • They will rally the people in their congregation/ministry to cover the entire 24 hours in prayer each month in a way that fits their congregation/ministry.
  • When we have 35 congregations/ministries, we can cover the all the days of each month.
  • We suggest three primary prayer segments be included in the prayer times.- 1) Worship of Jesus 2) Topics unique to your congregation/ministry 3) A common topic each month for Clark County.
  • CCPC will provide fresh suggested ways to worship each month.
  • Your congregation/ministry leader will provide topics of prayer for your congregation/ministry each month.
  • CCPC will provide monthly topics from and for the county.

We are more than half way there now.  We would love to have you join us!  If you would want…

  • more information
  • to see past prayer suggestions
  • to see a calendar of the current days covered
  • to participate (!)

please contact us.